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5 Buys For When You're Ready To Rejoin The Outside World

The time has come.

If you are privileged enough to be able to work and function from home, your 2020 has probably looked a lot like ours. We’re talking workout pants on days where you don’t exercise, much less hit 1,000 steps; bare feet exchanged only occasionally for slip-on sneaks; nearly closed holes from not putting in earrings for weeks at a time. Look, dealing with everything this year has thrown at us takes a shitton of emotional energy, so it’s no wonder our physical appearance has taken a backseat.

But whether you’re being called back into the office or are socializing a bit more (Safely! Outdoors whenever possible! With masks!), for many of us, (semi-)rejoining the outside world is, for many very valid reasons, anxiety-provoking. And while we’d never tell you what to wear, we suspect you might value a gentle push toward a slightly more public-facing look. These five transitional essentials will help you on your way.

1. A Bodysuit That Makes A Statement

In most parts of the country, bathing suit season has come and gone (sorry!), but bodysuits are here to stay. This body-temperature regulating style is business in the front and party in the back — just the way we like it.

Wynwood X Back Bodysuit, $88, Giapenta.


2. Not Quite Sneakers, But…

If you’re already wearing Allbirds and Rothys, you’ll fall hard for a pair of Glyph loafers, especially in this ballet-pink shade. Breathable, water-resistant, constructed with supportive recyclable materials, high-performance rubber soles… Sorry, we got a little lost in our admiration there.

Women’s Knit Flat, $125, Glyph.


3. Give ‘Em Some Lip

No one doubts the power of a red lip, but going from nothing but lip balm to something so striking might be too much of a departure. This lightweight, moisturizing nude, which works best for pale to medium skin tones is subtle but powerful. 

Sydney at 8am, $35, Madame Gabriela.


4. A Drape-y Midi Skirt

Not too short, not too long, and, most importantly, not too constricting, this wrap skirt boasts an adjustable belt and — wait for it — pockets. Tuck a basic black or white tank or tee in, and you’re ready to go.

Wrap Skirt, $148, Rec Room.


5. Smell Ya Right Now

No one’s sniffed you through Zoom, so even applying deodorant may be a departure from your normal routine. Still, it’s worth going one step further with a clean, crisp scent featuring notes of juniper, Madagascar ginger, and lavender.

FR/2018 Carlos Viñals, $85, A.N. Other

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