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These 6 Products Are Peak Self-Care

In the least cliché, most feel-good way.

Before you say it, please know that we know that self-care tips are everywhere. And while you and we both might be a little sick of reading about them, they’re prolific for a reason: It is incredibly important to watch out for yourself, especially during these extremely *weird* times. However, that in itself can feel overwhelming. Who has the discipline (and faithfulness to their alarm clock) to meditate for 10 minutes every morning? Who can just switch off their notifications when there’s a chance their boss will urgently need them? Who is out decompressing with friends in the midst of everyone scattering to ride out the pandemic?

Self-care products — the stuff that’s good for your body and mind — however, require little time, commitment, or overcoming of logistical hurdles. In fact, we’ll go so far to say that pressing “add to cart” is it’s own form of (arguably not the healthiest, but we digress) self-care. And if you thought that was good, wait until these six little packages arrive.

1. A Different Super Soaker

Water guns are fun and all, but they hardly compare with the bliss of a hot bath. Scoop a heaping handful of this mixture, made with skin-softening aloe and scented with bergamot essential oil, and feel a few of those tensions float away. Glass of wine: optional.

Big Mood Bath Soak, $28, OUI the people.


2. Not Exactly The Pits

We’re all about natural deodorant, but after many bad experiences, we’re also skeptical about whether they’re enough to allow us to, say, exercise in public. Curie’s pretty little stick, which is free of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, aluminum, and cancer-causing ingredients, passes our stringent test.

Deodorant Stick, $12, Curie.


3. Mask The Issue

We are fully committed to wearing masks for as long as needed, because we know that they effectively protect us and those we come into contact with. Still, we aren’t exactly fans of the way our skin has reacted to this new wardrobe essential. This timely kit includes products to move along early-stage pimples, a spot treatment for when they come to a head, and a balm to handle the aftermath.

Maskne Bundle, $23, Hero Cosmetics.


4. Put A Period On It

Bloating. Breast tenderness. Cramps. Sounds like a regular few days in our month — but it doesn’t have to. Marea’s water soluble elixir (read: no swallowing pills) contains 15 key vitamins and minerals that support healthy hormone function in order to alleviate the emotional and physical symptoms of PMS.

PMS Elixir: The Menstruator Multivitamin, $68.95, Marea.


5. It’s Getting Hot In Herre

If only actually letting go was as easy as reading this post. If only. That’s where a sleep-promoting CBD powder — you basically treat it as you would a hot chocolate mix — comes in to save the evening.

Dream CBD Powder, $50, beam.


6. Fly Me To The Moon

Given how often we’re bothering to look semi-presentable at this point, you’re lucky if we wash our hair twice once a week. When we do go through the ritual (and remember it’s actually kind of nice!), we do it with a plant-based, powder-to-lather shampoo that’s racking up one award after another.

Moondust Collection: Hair Wash, $29, OWA Haircare.

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Get weekly drops of the latest brands

Olive Oil, Brightland
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Spiced Cherry Apéritif, Haus
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