Make WFH Cozier With These 14 Products That Remote Workers Love

You know, because the commute from your bed to your coffee table can always be a little better.

The living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, and yes, we admit, sometimes the bathtub have all become “the office”. And while our work and home life may have collided in a crossing-a-boundary kind of way, there are some undeniably sweet perks. Like wear-your-slippers-to-work day which just so happens to be everyday. A constant drip of your preferred roast of coffee. And of course, the most appealing perk of all, the opportunity to take mid-day showers. 

Sure, the CEO knows the intimate details of your living room all too well, but it’s not all that bad. Especially when there are products to help remote workers make work and life at home more cozy. You know, because the commute from your bed to your coffee table can always be a little better.

Work By Candlelight

You know what a cubicle lacks? Atmosphere. When you’re working from the dining table, take advantage of the atmosphere and envelope yourself in the aroma of an intoxicating candle and watch your productivity magically skyrocket.

Fez, Morocco Candle, $55, St. Frank

St. Frank


Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa 

We insist that your towels are as luxurious as that mid-workday shower feels. This oversized Muslin Cotton bath towel elevates the perk of showering after the hour long sales call and turns working from home into a spa day.

Adult Bath Sheet, $59.99, Muslin Comfort

Muslin Comfort


Work From Robe

When there are no meetings on the calendar, do you even have to get dressed? No. No you don’t. Tape a Post It over your camera and knot yourself into a terry cloth bathrobe for 8 cozy hours of creating spreadsheets.

Classic Bathrobe, $100, Snowe Home

Snowe Home


We Found Your Light

If we’ve learned anything about working from home it’s that ambiance matters. Forget fluorescents. We ditched that harsh lighting when the office closed and we’ve refused to go back. Brightech’s Sky Floor Lamp helps you find your light for a Zoom presentation and for those midday corporate TikToks you’re going viral for.

Sky Floor Lamp, $85, Brightech



Windowsill Garden of Eden

In our new reality of work-from-couch you may have added part time gardener to your resume. If you haven’t left that nine-to-five life to be a full time farmer, keep your homestead lush with Arber’s Holistic Kit. It’s bound to keep your plants alive and your thumb green.

Holistic Kit, $99, Arber



Tea Time Forever

We never put a pin in those 3PM tea breaks. Now that you’re working a few steps from the kettle, step up your tea game with Golde’s Pure Matcha. Curl up on the couch with a big mug while responding to emails to feel professionally casual.

Pure Matcha, $28, Golde



Green Space

We can’t have enough houseplants. Not only do they increase oxygen levels in your home, they’re pretty to look at. Spruce up the neutral walls of your abode with a little green to make logging in everyday feel a little more serene.

Bird of Paradise, $57, The Sill

The Sill


Desk Lunch Upgrade

This is as close as we can get to experiencing a private chef. The Smart Oven uses heat and steam and a freaking scan-to-cook technology so that you don’t have to think about cooking lunch. Just pop in your Tovala meal, or your Amy’s macaroni and cheese, scan the barcode and allow the oven to precisely cook the food to perfection.

Smart Oven, $299, Tovala



Drawstrings Are The New Khaki

Nobody needs to know what pants you’re wearing when you’re checking in via Slack or Teams. Reserve the buttons and zippers for the weekends. Keep the workweek comfortable with drawstring joggers because you can make everyday wear-your-pajamas-to-work day. And yes, we are taking advantage of that.

Cosset Lazy Jogger, $65, Sunday Citizen

Sunday Citizen


Modernize The Office

Farewell oatmeal colored filing cabinets. We’re reclaiming office decor now that we’re within our own walls. Meet the sleek Entry Rack by Open Spaces. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, it’ll keep everything from your daily planners to your after-work shoes tidy.

Entryway Rack, $174, Open Spaces

Open Spaces


Organization is Everything

Clear your mind and your space with a set of two aesthetically pleasing Handle Bins by Sort Joy. Being able to see your floor, or your desk, as you work from home will make the experience much more enjoyable.

Handle Bin, Set of 2, $81, SortJoy



Kitchen Table, Party of 1

Without winding Chipotle lines you’ll actually get to relish in the elusive lunch break. With Anyday’s microwavable dishes, you’ll heat up leftovers in 60 seconds so you don’t have to wait half of your lunch break to actually enjoy it.

The Medium Shallow Dish, $30, Anyday



A Long Sleeve Tee That Can Do Both

Get yourself a shirt that can do both. Look professional while also remaining wildly comfortable. Yes, it’s possible. You’ll feel like you’re in pajamas but your manager will think you looked put together for that weekly check in.

Fractal Raglan Long Sleeve Tee, $100, Alala



Casual Monday Through Friday

There are only so many times we can stomach wearing stiff button downs in the vicinity of our home. The For Days 40’s Half Zip sweatshirt keeps it casually cozy without looking like you forgot to change out of your pajamas for the 3 o’clock meeting with accounting.

40's Half Zip, $52, For Days

For Days

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