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The 8 Best Gifts For Men Who Are All About Their Athletic Pursuits

Game, set, match — or something like that.

Before we dive in, we have something to get out of the way: You can’t put any gender identity into a box. There are male-identifying people who live an active lifestyle and those who don’t (same goes for female-identifying people, by the way). There are folks who love sports and folks who’d rather do almost anything else with their time. But when someone is all — or at least somewhat — about their athletic pursuits, they’re likely to embrace a gift that aligns with that interest. 

Whether your holiday shopping list includes a person who relies on a Saturday afternoon jog to clear their head, someone who’s always breaking some kind of sweat, or those eagerly awaiting warm weather primarily to work on their golf game, we have eight stellar gift ideas for you — and them.

1. For The Casual <strikethrough>Athlete<strikethrough> Athlounger</strikethrough></strikethrough>

The brand known for its performance dress shirts is expanding its offerings, and we have a good feeling about this neutral, versatile hoodie.

Athlounger Hoodie, $89, Twillory.


2. For The Guy With Goals

Answer a series of questions about the recipient’s body type, exercise routine, eating habits, and goals, and Gainful spits out a custom protein powder formula that it will deliver on a monthly basis.

Personalized Blend, $39 and up, Gainful


3. For Those Ready to Run

Reviewers are crazy for these medium-length compression shorts, which boast two water-resistant pockets to keep keys, credit cards, and a phone safely in place.

North Moore Short - 9” Inseam, $50, WOLACO.


4. For The Person About To Tee Off

It’s hard to say what’s worse: dropping crazy cash on a set of new clubs or trying to figure out how to piece together a set that won’t break the bank. This is where Robin Golf, with its high-value, nine-club set comes in.

The Essentials, $699, Robin Golf.


5. For Anyone Who Spends Time On Their Feet

Pretty much any form of cardio requires ample time standing and moving, and Lasso’s socks, which provide both arch and ankle support, earn accolades from tennis and basketball players alike. Did we mention they’re moisture-wicking to boot?

Men’s Athletic Compression Socks 2.0, $30, Lasso.


6. For Yoga Masters

PSA: It’s still a workout if you don’t feel like puking afterward. Among people who value flowing on the mat, these four-way stretch pants easily go from yoga to lounging around.

Momentum Pant, $98, Myles Apparel.


7. For Our Sweatiest Friends

Are these the most glamorous gifts? No. But they are the kind of stocking stuffer that ends up being the most useful present of the season. Disposable liners fit into hats, visors, and helmets to prevent sweat stains, fog, and — the worst — sweat dripping into your eyes.

Liners, $9.99, NoSweat.


8. For Those Who Need A Little Boost

You can cheer from the sidelines (ahem, couch) all you like, but you’re no magic pill gummy. Designed for sustained energy, focus, and strength, each of these guys contains 150mg of caffeine — that’s more than a standard cup of coffee — and other all-natural ingredients.

Hilo Pre-Workout Gummies, $19.99. Hilo Gummies.

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Get weekly drops of the latest brands

Olive Oil, Brightland
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Cookware Sets, Caraway

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Spiced Cherry Apéritif, Haus
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