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7 Finds To Give Your COVID Companion The TLC They Deserve

Doggos, rejoice.

Let us just go ahead and state the obvious: 2020 is not the world’s (read: our) year. There is a global pandemic, a reckoning around racial justice, and loss all around. But if there’s one person who is having a banner year, it’s your dog. And, yes, we consider our dogs people. Anyways. 

This canine satisfaction may be, in part, because according to a recent poll of 2,000 pet owners, 72% of people say they are taking better care of their pets in the age of COVID — and we like to see it. As some of the unsung heroes of these epically difficult and stressful times, our furry supporters deserve it and a whole lot more, which is where these seven pet-pleasers come in.

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1. A Better Way To Walk 

There’s something soothing about a monochrome palette, and although your dog can’t see the same colors you can, they know when they look good. Turn up their — and your — swagger with a matching lightweight harness, dirt-resistant and waterproof leash, and poop-bag dispenser.

The Harness Walk Kit, $98, Wild One.


2. A Fitting Tribute

Well-to-do folks have been commissioning family portraits for thousands of years, and given your pet is family, it’s high time they get some dedicated art of their own. Perhaps best of all, it won’t cost you a month’s salary or the unenviable task of trying to make your dog sit still for an artist. Just upload a photo, make a few design choices, and wait mere weeks for a portrait to appear on your doorstep. 

Custom Illustrated Pet Portrait, from $39.95, West & Willow.


3. A House Of Their Own

Attention, minimalists and hello to those who follow multiple design accounts on Instagram. Not only is the chicest dog crate we’ve ever seen, but it also provides your dog with a secure space for the alone time even they sometimes need. Bonus: It doubles as a side table.

Crate, $395, Fable Pets.


4. A Gourmet Meal

Salmon, brown rice, and sweet potatoes sounds like a pretty good dinner to us, so we can’t imagine why your dog wouldn’t agree. This kibble (OK, it’s not exactly what you’re eating) is formulated for eye health, sustained energy, and healthy digestion. 

Salmon, Brown Rice, and Sweet Potato Dog Kibble, from $22.50, JINX.


5. A Tasty Way To Zen Out

These days, a sense of calm is an elusive thing, but Dope Dog has a plan for that. Especially effective for dogs who suffer from anxiety (our pets, they’re just like us!), these peanut butter-flavored treats have 150+ five-star reviews to back them up.

Peanut Butter CBD Calming Dog Treats, $30, Dope Dog.


6. A No-Mess "Bath"

If it were up to us, we’d be Dr. Cuddles to pups everywhere, but we digress. The real Dr. Cuddles offers up a dry shampoo for dogs, and if that means a clean pooch without the sudsy mess, we’ll cede our desired title as a show of gratitude. 

Foaming Dry Shampoo, $14.99, Dr. Cuddles.


7. A Vet-Backed Wellness Regimen

Supplements for dogs sound a little wonky, but if we can fill their prescriptions at our local CVS, why not? These chews are both preventative and healing — they increase mobility and flexibility, reduce inflammation, and help ward off future joint issues.

Morning Hip + Joint Care, $36, Reggie.

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