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7 Highly Caffeinated Products That Are Giving Us Life

We’re only slightly exaggerating.

We know — and yes, we looked this up — that in order to survive, we humans need air, food, water, and shelter. But when you go from “need” to “would significantly improve quality of life and make every day better,” caffeine is at the top of our list. Now kindly excuse us while we go dream of lattes.

The thing is, our BFF, caffeine, has come a long way. You no longer need to go to a fancy cafe and drop $7 for a customized coffee drink, nor do you need to invest in fancy brewing equipment that, chances are, will do more taking up of valuable kitchen space than they will making you a delicious beverage with a kick. Instead, stock up on (at least) one of these little saviors.

1. An Easy Nut To Crack

Surely you’ve heard about the craze that is oat milk, but have you tried a macadamia-milk latte yet? We didn’t think so. This canned concoction also includes adaptogens, so it somehow both calms you down and revs you up.

Macadamia Latte, $59/case of 12, Taika


2. Small And Mighty

Because a little goes such a long way, a single 200-milliliter bottle of Jot makes 14 cups of coffee. Nearly 4,000 reviewers use phrases like “life-changing” and “saved my 2020” to describe the product. Sold!

Ultra Coffee, $24, Jot


3. Good Morning, Sunshine

Caffeine-filled goodness that you can chew? Consider us intrigued. This cereal combines organic cocoa, Intelligentsia coffee, and an organic oat, rice, and coconut flour base. Just imagine the cereal milk!

Dash Cereal, $24/2 boxes, OffLimits.


4. A Show of Grit

There’s a good reason you’ve heard about Vietnamese coffee — and these beans, sourced from a fourth-generation farmer in Vietnam’s Central Highlands prove it. Naturally, we chose the strongest coffee on the menu when we opted for this medium roast.

Truegrit, $14, Nguyen Coffee Supply.


5. A History Of Success

Kyoto-style iced coffee was invented by Dutch sailors in the 17th century, re-engineered by Japanese artisans in the 18th century, and as of the 21st century, involves making coffee (literally) one drop at a time. The result is a balanced body, a smooth finish, and a lovely 200mg of caffeine. 

Kyoto Iced Coffee, $59/12-pack, Dripdash.


6. Get On My Level 

Some of us — and we’re not naming any names — have built up quite the caffeine tolerance, especially compared to others in our households. Enter this variety pack, featuring four levels of caffeination, of cold-brew concentrate.

Starter Pack, $20, Explorer Cold Brew Co.


7. Crazy for Cocoa

If there’s one thing we’re as strongly committed to as caffeine, it’s chocolate. So imagine our sheer joy at finding this mix of cocoa, vanilla beans, cinnamon, and Brazilian and Colombian coffee blend.

Chocolate Brew, $18, Brewbike.

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Get weekly drops of the latest brands

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