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7 Ways To Elevate Your Bajillionth Night In

Yes, we’re still here.

As we write this, we’ve been in quarantine for 248 days… but who’s counting? Assuming that you too have *occasionally* ventured out during after-work hours, whether it be for a long run walk, a socially distant picnic, or a drive-in movie, that leaves, oh, easily 200 nights in the confines of our apartments. Even for the introverts and homebodies among us, it’s gotten old.

Alas, we cannot offer you the ability to return to your pre-COVID life, but we can do the next best thing: make your next evening at home different — good different. Brush off your sweats, and get ready.

1. A Tastier Meal

You’ve had months to (attempt to) feed yourself, and no doubt, you’ve leveled up your cooking by now. True mastery in the kitchen, however, requires premium ingredients, like these stylishly packaged California olive oils and vinegars. And yes, you can interest us in a cinnamon olive oil cake.

Olive oil & vinegars, $112, Brightland


2. The Smell of Confidence 

There’s nothing like an affirmation — hence the “Everyday I’m Hustlin” desk plaque we’re currently staring at — to remind you that yes, you can. This candle reads, “i can. i will. i did.” and, to match, it emits an invigorating scent cocktail of eucalyptus, pine, and lemon.

I Can. I Will. I Did., $34, Spoken Flames.


3. Summer In A Chic Bottle

Winter may be coming, but we’re all about keeping those summer vibes all year-round, especially when it comes to a take on one of our favorite warm-weather beverages. Mix this rosé aperitif with tonic, put your feet up, and feel yourself start to unwind.

Rose Rosé, $35, Haus


4. A Home Decor Hero

We don’t care if you live alone in a studio apartment where your kitchen counter is also your dining-room table. Flowers elevate any space, perhaps none more so than a wispy arrangement this florist describes as “mid-century modern meets Joshua Tree.”

Desert Rambler, $115, Poppy Flowers.


5. A Puzzle To Chip Away At

Some people knit. We do puzzles. And tonight, we’re most definitely taking on this 500-piece, artsy one that highlights an irresistible teckel, better known as a dachshund or wiener dog here in the U.S.

Spot the Teckel, $37, Whiled.


6. What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’?

If you’re going to make dinner (yet again), you might as well do it with a cookware set that you not only feel safe using — everything is non-toxic and eco-friendly — but you also like to look at. And the built-in storage? Brilliant.

Cookware Set, $395, Caraway


7. A Sparkly Relaxant 

We’d never dare discount the power of a glass of wine after a long day, but whether or not you’re a drinker, a sparkling wellness tonic is an alternative worth trying. This blend of hibiscus, mint, and ashwagandha has “chill out” written all over it.

Hibiscus Mint Unwind, $48 for a 12-pack, SunwiNk.

Get weekly drops of the latest brands

Get weekly drops of the latest brands

Olive Oil, Brightland
Capsules, Cadence

Get weekly drops of the latest brands

Cookware Sets, Caraway

Get weekly drops of the latest brands

Spiced Cherry Apéritif, Haus
Good looks.
Oops, try that again.